30/10 Weight Loss For Life Review

The 30/10 Diet Program aims to achieve weight loss for customers and it starts with the mind. There is minimal information on the owners of the company, but each Washington location has a specific staff to help you. Weight loss and weight gain according to the company is strictly mental, emotional, and habitual. They market that state of mind is critical to customer success, and therefore they offer an SMT/Brainwave Information course. SMT stands for Self Mastery Training, and it aims to send the customer into deep levels of relaxation and self-awareness. The main idea is that you can let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and propel you forward to achieve your long-term weight loss goals. This does not go near yo yo dieting. On top of the mental course offered, they provide you meals throughout the day excluding dinner.

The price of this program will vary from person to person depending on your specific goals and needs. On average each person will spend over $1,000 per month for this program, and if you decide to cancel the program you will not get a refund, and will lose around $650 dollars. The food packets are made up of powdery material, and you are not really able to sample them all (for obvious reasons) until you get going with the program.*

30/10 Weight Loss For Life Facts

The company offers three different weight loss factors when going through the program. You enroll, and are able to visit the in person clinics once a week to weight in, and pick up the food powders you will need for the week. If you have any issues or concerns they will talk with you about them, and you are also able to go through the 20-minute self-mastery session. Like many of these in person clinics, they will not go over costs with you unless you schedule an appointment with them in person.

What’s The Word?

This company markets weight loss just like every other company trying to make money. They have both happy customers, and then they have unhappy customers, which is completely normal when running a business such as this. Many of their clinics are restricted to the Western Washington area. Be mindful that this diet program is not nation wide.

Tom G.* said, It is a pricey program but for me money very well spent. I needed the discipline.  For me the no alcohol was the toughest part but after a couple weeks, no problem. I believe every person has to be ready to lose weight and commit for discipline to follow through.”

Heidi W.* warned people, “BEFORE YOU SIGN:  Once you sign the agreement, you immediately loose $650 of your $1,000+ enrollment fee. Meaning that 30/10 does not offer a full refund, ever.  If you cancel within the first 7 days, you forfeit $650 to 30/10 for their “start-up cost.” After 7 days, you forfeit all $1,000+ regardless when you cancel. She went onto say that the food powder packets really did not taste good to her.  Day in and day out, you will be drinking these so be aware of this before you join. You will only be getting a real dinner you prepare and the rest of the day you will be consuming a processed powder meal.

Amanda S.* said, I have just started the program and am in LOVE! The people are great and I have experienced great results already in the first two weeks – down 10 pounds!!”

 What Does 30/10 Offer?

This company offers in person clinical visits, weigh in, counseling sessions, self-mastery training sessions, and powder meal replacements. The program is said to work if you have the money to invest, and the willpower to stick to the powdery meals. These meals have not been said to taste that great. There isn’t much information about the founders, or the ingredients in the meals before you purchase which as me feeling a little on edge about. You pay up front, so there is a not auto shipment in place which is a relief, especially with how pricey this program is. Be mindful though, you will be losing $650+ if you decide to cancel after the fact for the month.

Pros Cons
  • Friendly Service
  • In Person Clinics
  • Inconvenient Business Hours
  • Expensive
  • Poor Taste Quality In Meals

Is 30/10 Worth A Try?

This program is not for everyone. You will know if it is right for you just due to the high cost. If you can afford a program like this, make sure you will like their meals before purchasing the entire program (ask for samples). Their business hours are 9:00am-5:00pm which might not be convenient for the working person, as the clinics will be closed by the time you get off work yourself.

30 For 10 Diet powderThere has been said to be success when following this program, but it will come with a cost and you must be willing to follow all of the protocol exactly the way it needs to be followed. Due to the lack of ingredients visible to the potential customer in their food supplements, it tells me that the ingredients are more than likely cheap. You are paying a lot of money for a program! It does bother me that the meal replacements are processed powder. Overall, the program got good and bad reviews so the best plan moving forward is to weigh out the good and bad and decide from there.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary.

*Individual results will vary.

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