Victoria’s Secret trainer and founder of NYC’s ModelFit studio Justin Gelband shares the slow moves that’ll get you lean and lithe. To see results in 4 weeks, aim to do this 30-min circuit 3 times a week, with a Hiit session at weekends.   Mountain climber Targets: abs, glutes, hamstrings, thighs (a) Start in plank,

Power to the Lifter: Training Tips from a Pro

I would never discourage anyone from doing any form of physical activity. But to get results that stick, it doesn’t get any better than compound exercises. Before you decide to work with a personal trainer, ask him or her to explain his or her fitness philosophy to see if it’s in alignment with your own.

Rate My Workout: Improve Your Press and Row

Gerry Delray from Cocoa Beach, FL, sent us his chest and back workout to critique. See it below, and then see our suggestions to make it better and safer. Gerry’s Old Workout: C+ Exercise Sets Reps Bench Press 5 5 Incline Dumbbell Press 4 10 Dip 3 15 Cable Crossover 3 15 Pullup 2 15

4 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Flab And Back Bulge In 3 Weeks

Due to the unpleasant appearance, every woman feels uncomfortable by the occurrence of underarm flab and back bulge. It can cause a discomfort when wearing a bra and as many women can testify, even losing weight and controlled diet won’t help you get rid of this nuance. However, here are 4 exercises that will give

4 Steps To a Flat Belly After 40

Medical experts suggest that the estrogen levels reduce with age in women, and the way fat is distributed to all parts in the body changes as well. Therefore, people after crossing the 40 age mark find it more demanding to lose weight. But a trim waistline is sure to enhance the person’s health and overall

Body Tempering to Improve Physical Performance

World-record holding powerlifter Donnie “Super D” Thompson has found the secret to pain-free lifting. It just may hurt at first. “Body tempering” soft tissue under a 130 pound cylinder of metal is the new way to improve physical performance. Foam rolling has aided thousands of gym goers worldwide. Whether swanky yoga studio or grimy powerlifting

4 Tough Truths About Your Fitness Goals

We get it: when you’re a beginning lifter, you want muscles, and you want them right away. We were there too once. And while the routines you see on this site and in the pages of Weight Loss and Diet Plan will put you on the fast track to a ripped, powerful body, all the

How to Deal With Elbow Pain

What You Did Nothing in particular. One or both elbows just started hurting. You might feel a dull, aching pain at rest or sharp, acute pain when your elbow touches something. Pain may occur during pulling or pushing movements. Imbalance in the muscles that cross the elbow joint causing forces to be distributed unevenly. The Treatment Avoid

Bodybuilding Legend Frank Zane is Training Again

It was such an honor to be awarded best physique ever by the editors of Muscle & Fitness! This acknowledgment really makes me feel good about myself and adds fuel to my fire. It’s almost like winning Mr. Olympia again. And it makes me want to train hard again. It’s been more than 30 years since

Get More Muscle with Less Weight

“Go heavy or go home!” It’s a common catchphrase of diehard lifters that resonates well with both those immersed in the trenches of the iron battlefield and perched atop the ivory towers of academia. Researchers and lifters alike have long espoused the use of relatively heavy weights and lower reps for more muscle and strength.